Thursday 5 September 2013

Dangerfield Bogotas...

Over the last few months I have been trying my hand at lock picking, it's a life skill that one day I'm sure will either get me out of trouble or land me in it. Either way when the barrel rolls and you have got non destructive keyless entry it's a buzz!

I started off with a 22pc Southord set from @ukbumpkeys and some Brockhage practice locks. One of the locks is a 5 pin standard lock and the other is also 5 pin but has some spool pins. On pretty much the first attempt I managed to pick the non spool pined lock, alas this seems to have been a fluke! I haven't been able to do it again, until now.


I purchased a couple of sets of 'Dangerfield Bogotas' from @ukbumpkeys. They have had them specially made and they are awesome. They are really tiny and fit perfectly in your wallet. The finish on them is excellent, they seem to be made of some well polished steel which allows them to roll into and out of the lock and over the pins really easily, great for raking. Another neat feature is the slight twist that they have in them, I find this helps to get them into a lock a lot easier than a normal pick.

So far I have been able to rake my two practice locks easily, one of which has spool pins and have never been able to get into until now (see red spool pins in picture below).

I'm no expert but I have been able to pick the 'real' lock below pretty easily with the Bogota's. It is a lock that is in use,  a local UPC conservatory and windows company near to me use them!! Within minutes of trying out the Bogotas it went no problem.

Next up is 'Bumping' I have purchased a large set of Bumpkeys from @ukbumpkeys so will be trying to perfect this skill in the coming weeks. I need to get some more practice locks and have a go with them as I think it is all too easy to to destroy your own locks. Not something you want to do to your own backdoor!

Check out for tools and other lock picking gear!

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