Wednesday 29 January 2014

Sniffing iOS traffic using remote virtual interface...

Today I learned something new =)

It is possible to sniff the traffic from an iOS device without the need for a proxy or jailbreak!

If you have a mac there is a command "rvictl" that allows you to capture any traffic for an attached mobile device.

Simply attach a device via the USB cable and run the command rvictl with -s to start the capture and the udid of the device attached.

rvictl -s <udid> 

This will create a virtual interface:

You can now use tcpdump or wireshark to capture the traffic.

 sudo tcpdump -i rvi0 -n -vv

Handy little trick for troubleshooting and sniffing traffic that I didn't know existed. I think it will only capture WiFi traffic, I haven't played to see if it will grab mobile network traffic.

Every day's a skool day!

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